Tasting Menu - For Kids!

We are always trying to get our kids to expand their palatal horizons. You might think, being raised by such curious and culinarily daring parents, that they wouldn't be so discriminating.

Alas, they are 10. And it takes a lot of adding flavors, textures, cultures, etc. to get a better understanding of the foods they will enjoy. That's why, at least once a month, we do a tasting menu. We make it fun and mysterious by presenting new foods and familiar foods in new ways. We also give each night a theme and each dish a clever name.

The kids put on a movie, we enter the room carrying each dish, and present it formally: "For your amuse bouche, you will be sampling (insert clever name here). Enjoy!" And leave the room before they can ask too many questions. "What is it?! Will I like it?!" Just let them discover!

These nights carry great outcomes. Not only do our kids broaden their world view, but we always find a new addition to add to our lunch and family dinner ideas. Our tapas plates get a lot of use!

Join us for our most recent Tasting Menu - for Kids!

Theme: Comfort Nuevo

First Course: Arriba Sombreros
Which is really just a Pringle and a
jalapeno string cheese on top.
This was more for laughs.
Things get more interesting, I promise.
Second Course: Tree of Life
Steamed asparagus wrapped in proscuitto.
The adults liked this much more than the littles.
Third Course: Neato Meato
We sliced a grilled Delmonico steak,
marinated it in A1 steak sauce,
and grilled it on skewers.
Fourth Course: PBJ Sushaaaay
White bread flattened with a rolling pin.
Smear peanut butter and jelly very thinly. Roll tightly.
This was the hit of the night, and was the hot demand for lunch!
Fifth Course: Fantangelo!
We do not endorse kids drinking soda.
Fanta is given as a treat on occasion, though.
And this time, we paired it with an unfamiliar fruit: Tangelo.
Sixth Course: Meatloaf Cupcakes
Fun in a muffin tin. A good recipe is here.
This was also a big hit.
Seventh Course: Nibble Dips
Tiny grilled cheese corners atop a shot of soup.
We had ham & bean soup on hand.
Served in an espresso cup.
Eighth Course: Pizza Bombs
More muffin tin fun. These are stuffed pizzas.
We used pepperoni, cheese, and marinara.
More on the side for dipping.
Recipe is here.
Ninth Course: Coco Banana
Ghiardelli melting chocolate and banana chunks.
 Final Course: Lavalicious
Lava cakes with whipped cream.

We will post another tasting menu shortly, and I think that one is a tad more daring. As I mentioned, we are always adding new foods to our kids' plates, and this is a great way to figure out who likes what. From this round, we determined that both kids wanted to add PBJ Sushaay to their school lunch. A neat addition would be to pack it in a takeout sushi container and chopsticks. 

Use what you have on hand! You'll be surprised what you can come up with - and better yet - what your kids will eat!


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